Help monitor our changing coast

Now is your chance to help us monitor and record the ever-changing landscape of two beaches in the Northern Bellarine.

‘Fluker Posts’ have been installed at Batman Park, Indented Head and 200m north of the pier in St Leonards.

Named after their designer Dr Martin Fluker, the posts are designed to directly involve the community in monitoring landscapes and important environmental areas.

Anyone with a smart phone or digital camera can use the post by placing your camera into the specially designed cradle on top of the Fluker Post and taking a photo.

Once you’ve taken the photo, we then ask you to email in your photo to the address written on the instruction panel.The photos will then be uploaded to a public online gallery.

All of the photos taken from the Fluker Post will display an image of the beach from exactly the same angle, at different times of the day, month and year.

By capturing these images of our coastal environment we will be able to learn more about how and why our beaches are changing.

These images will provide a unique historical and environmental record of this beautiful part of the world.

Depending on the popularity of the two Fluker Posts, we will be looking to install more along the coastline in the future.




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