Batman Park sand fence to halt erosion

Last week we begun some vital works to mitigate erosion at Batman Park, Indented Head. The works will be done in three phases 1. Placement of the fence posts (35 in total) 2. Fixing of the sand fence to the post 3. Renourishment of the beach The fence will consist of seven 10-metre lengths of sand fence, running parallel to the directions of the prevailing wind swell. The works are essential to prevent further damage to the shoreline retreat at Batman Park immediately to the south of the Batman Head revetment wall. Our records show that the prevailing northerly winds during winter cause significant local erosion at this beach. This erosion may also be magnified by the revetment wall to the north. During the summer the beach does recover to an extent, however over time records show that the beach is receding. The proximity of the coastal trail and significant community and camping assets to the shoreline has prompted us to undertake these erosion mitigation works at this site before the busy holiday season begins again. Unfortunately this is our second attempt at these works, after a sever storm and major flooding destroyed our previous works in this area in June 2014. We are confident this new fencing will withstand any future significant weather events. Sandfence Sandfence2

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