New beach markers provide vital info

In July this year we installed three beach profile markers to help us monitor the condition of the coastline at St Leonards and Portarlington.

The markers help us to measure the height of the sand relative to the mean sea level. This height changes frequently as it is affected by wind, tides, waves and storms.

It is important that we keep a record of the beach profile as it informs our management methods and conservation actions.

For example, if we notice the height of a section of beach is consistently decreasing we can take action to reduce further erosion and loss of sand. Having concrete scientific evidence helps us to manage the coast effectively, and it also assists in our efforts to attract funding for environmental protection works.

The three new markers have already improved our ability to closely monitor the beaches in St Leonards and Portarlington, and ensure these beautiful beaches are not damaged or washed away. If you haven’t noticed them already, keep your eye out for them on your next stroll along the sand.

For more information or to be involved in our coastal monitoring program please contact Bellarine Bayside on 5254 4000.


An example of what the measurements look like:markermeasurement


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