Positive results from coastal works

What a difference a year can make. These two photos of the same section of beach in St Leonards show the improvement in the beach over a year as a result of our ongoing management and investment.



As you can see, 12 months ago there were major issues with erosion on this section of the St Leonards beach. In response to this, we arranged to have dredged sand from the St Leonards Pier deposited on this beach. The deposited sand was gradually dispersed along this beach by the waves and tides, successfully establishing a more typical beach profile.

Cliff falls were also becoming an issue, so we installed sand fencing to further help accumulate sand on the beach and protect the cliff from further erosion resulting in cliff falls. The fence also ensures safe access along the beach.

We are proud of these significant results demonstrated by the photos, as it clearly shows why coastal conservation works are absolutely essential to protect our beaches.

The photos also demonstrate the importance of our newly installed fluker posts, which provide an opportunity for the community to help us obtain images like these and enable us to compare changes on the coast over long periods of time.


To learn more about the coastal cliffs at St Leonards, please have a read of this fact sheet: 1.5 Living with Cliffs – St Leonards


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