Indented Head Wetlands saved

We are excited to announce that we have been successful in obtaining funding of $4,800 to restore the Indented Head wetlands, under the Coastcare Victoria Community Grants program.

The project will enhance the condition and resilience of the Indented Head wetlands by undertaking weed control and revegetation, as well as community education. We will be able to remove a range of noxious weeds and revegetate some significantly damaged areas, thereby increasing the size of healthy wetlands

The Indented Head wetlands are approximately 14 ha in size and comprise of semi-permanent saline wetlands and salt marsh, which provides habitat for migrant shorebirds, waterbirds and unique vegetation.

The wetlands provide a feeding habitat for rare Orange Bellied Parrots and form an important part of the mosaic of wetlands that support the Bellarine Peninsula Ramsar sites.

The local community and visitors frequently visit the wetlands for walks and recreational activities. We know the community already love these wetlands, and we hope through this project we can foster greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of restoring and protecting this habitat.



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