St Leonards beach – complete

The St Leonard Beach renourishment works are now complete! And what a difference it has made. Check out these before and after photos.



st leonardsbeach


















The works involved depositing large amounts of sand and reshaping the beach area.

We now intend to work with the Department of Environment and Primary Industries to complete the timber groyne, which will be constructed below Camp Area 3 before Christmas.  



28 October 2014

There have been some unexpected delays with the St Leonards beach renourishment works, however we are pleased that works begun last Friday preparing the site for this major environmental project.

The first truckload of sand arrived on Monday, and it is anticipated that 12 trucks will deposit sand twice daily, for approximately 5-7 days. The trucks will deposit 40 tonnes of sand at around 7.00am and 1.00pm each day.

After the sand deliveries are complete and the beach is levelled and shaped, a timber groyne (a low fence built out from the seashore) will be installed near St Leonards Creek to control erosion and ‘anchor’ the beach.

At the same time works will be carried out to mitigate foreshore erosion that is now  impacting on the coastal trail and public safety. We are still confident works will be completed by the end of November, ready for the busy Christmas holiday period.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these important environmental works.



18 September 2014

Together with the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI), we are pleased to announce that important beach renourishment works at St Leonards will commence in the first week of October 2014.

Depending on the weather, the works will take approximately 3 weeks to complete, so we are confident the beach will be ready for the busy summer season.

The renourishment will involve depositing up to ten truck loads of sand per day over six days on the St Leonards beach, south of Harvey Park.  The sand will then be formed and the beach shaped according to technical specifications in an area approximately 150m in length and 10m wide.

The new sand is matched as close as possible in colour and texture to the existing sand, but it may look different initially.

During the works, beach access will be temporarily restricted, traffic management will be in place and there will be public safety measures for people using the foreshore. We appreciate your patience during this time as we undertake these important environmental works.

As well as the sand renourishment, a timber groyne (a low fence built out from the seashore to control erosion) will be constructed below Camp Area 3.  This will help reduce the amount of sand accumulated at the St Leonards boat ramp.

Once again, we thank beach users for their patience whilst the works are being undertaken.  Once the works are completed, the beach will be greatly improved for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

Download this fact sheet to read more about the works:

FACT SHEET St Leonards Renourishment ~update 1


stleonardsbeach stleonardsbeach2


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