Community meeting a success

ACM2014Former weatherman and coastal geomorphologist Rob Gell pulled no punches during his presentation at Bellarine Bayside’s Annual Community Meeting last Friday evening.

Mr Gell, who specialises in environmental advocacy and communications, delivered a powerful and insightful talk about global sustainability and the effects of climate change.

He also recognised the successes of Bellarine Bayside in managing the ever changing coastline.

“While committees such as Bellarine Bayside are doing the best they can, I firmly believe that governments around the world need to step up and take real and coordinated action to curb the global effects of climate change,” said Mr Gell.

Mr Gell’s presentation underscored the importance of our role as coastal managers to protect, conserve and restore the beaches and foreshores that we are responsible for.

It also emphasised the necessity for the whole community to respect and care for thACM20142e environment before it is too late. It was a fantastic presentation and all who were there on the night left with much to consider.

The meeting proved to be a great opportunity for interaction between Bellarine Bayside and the local community. Bellarine Bayside officers were able to discuss the projects completed over the past year, as well as planned works for the next 12 months.

Approximately 60 community members attended the meeting, where they were able to ask questions and provide feedback.

Those in attendance were quick to acknowledge the hard work of Bellarine Bayside staff in maintaining and improving all the reserves and parklands.

After the meeting a barbecue dinner was enjoyed by all at Parks Hall in Portarlington.


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