Pt Richards car park revamp announced

We are excited to announce we have been awarded a grant of $361,000 from the Victorian Government to redevelop Point Richards Boat Ramp car park in Portarlington. The funding was awarded through the Victorian Government’s Boating Safety and Facilities Program. On top of the Victorian Government funding, we will also contribute about $110,000 of funds to the redevelopment. The project will be delivered in two phases. The first phase being the development of a master plan with stakeholder and user consultation. The second phase will be construction. The project will deliver:

  • A consultative planning and design process
  • Sealed parking surface
  • Formalised parking and traffic management
  • Drainage management using water sensitive urban design
  • Pedestrian and cycling connectivity
  • Wash down and fish cleaning
  • Coastal protection revetments
  • Landscaping and open space parkland

The project will run over the 2015/16 year, commencing in June 2015. We are looking forward to working with our stakeholders on this important and exciting project. This will be our third boat ramp redevelopment in three years. web

Below is the car park as it is today.



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