St Leonards Bridge Plans launched


Our plans for a much-needed pedestrian link over the St Leonards Creek are now ready to share with the local community.

The proposed 2500mm wide timber bridge will provide significant safety improvement for pedestrians. Currently the community has to take a detour around the creek to connect with the coastal trail.

The works, to begin early next year, also include widening the coastal trail to 2.5 metres between the St Leonards Boat Ramp and the St Leonards Creek.

Other works included in this project will be installing new bench seats with back rests and picnic facilities.

To further protect this sensitive coastline we will commence re-vegetation works, build new fencing, remove environmental weeds on the embankment and install endemic vegetation.

This project is being funded by Bellarine Bayside, in partnership with the Department of Environment and Primary Industries.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the proposed St Leonards Creek Project, please contact or Bellarine Bayside, PO Box 40 Portarlington VIC 3223 by the 23rd January 2015.

You can download further details here>

StLeonards Landscape Plan


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