Making a difference to the environment

The friends of Point Richards had their last day for the year in the Point Richards Flora and Fauna Reserve this week and what a year they have had. Their consistent approach has seen not only the reserve but also our coast looking even better this year, as a direct result of their efforts.

To finish off their annual efforts they collected Daviesia latifolia Hop Bitter-pea, which this year has had an exceptional amount of seed set. Hop Bitter-pea is one species that is rarely found these days on the Bellarine Peninsula and Point Richards has one of the few remaining healthy populations in our region. It is found along the south-east coast of Australia and was used as a hops substitute, most likely in the making of beer when this region was first colonized.

The Friends’ collected the seed so local nurseries can propagate seedlings for revegetation projects identified next year. They hope that enough new seedlings will be available for other areas so that this species becomes once more abundant across the Bellarine Peninsula.

The volunteers have dedicated over 300 hours of their time this year doing a variety of works which included weed removal, planting seed collection and assisting with community planting days. We would like to thank the volunteers for their continued enthusiasm and dedication throughout the year and wish them an enjoyable and safe festive season. We look forward to their return sometime in February, at their usual time of 10am Tuesdays.

Pictured Volunteers L-R: Keith Knight, Rosemary Nichols, Bellarine Bayside Coastal Conservation Officer Garry Kendell and Steve Boothroyd and those missing Jane Barry, Brenda Hunter, Bill McGrath, Peter and Heather Williams.



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