St Leonards has bay’s best water

It’s official! The Age has reported St Leonards beach on the Bellarine Peninsula and Eastern beach in Geelong appear to be the places to head to if you want the best chance of enjoying a swim in the cleanest possible water.

Of the 36 bayside beaches the Environmental Protection Authority monitors for water quality, the two spots in the bay’s west have had the most consistently good forecasts.

St Leonards is a popular family, fishing, boating and sailing beach under the Coastal Management of Bellarine Bayside.

The EPA beach reports use a mixture of weather forecasts, pollution reports and water data collected during the past 23 years to predict water quality at each beach on a given day.Beach Report keeps you informed of the recreational water quality at beaches around Port Phillip Bay through daily forecasts. The forecasts mean you can make informed decisions about where to swim.

EPA Victoria monitors recreational water quality at 36 Port Phillip Bay beaches with water samples collected at Beach Report sites every week during summer.

These samples are tested for enterococci, a group of bacteria found inside warm-blooded animals. Enterococci is recognised as the best indicator in measuring faecal contamination of marine recreational waters. Results are published daily.

Links > The Age, the Beach Reportst-leonards-2 copy

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