Caring for Corio Bay Litter Hotspots Program


Bellarine Bayside has recently joined an important partnership program with other land managers and organisations aimed at lifting the profile and appreciation of Corio and Western Port Phillip Bays, raising awareness of the impacts of litter, sediment and nutrients that enter the waterways.

The “Caring for Corio Bay – Litter Hotspots Program” is being coordinated by the Bellarine Catchment Network and is funded through the Victorian Government’s Litter Hotpots Program.  The program will run for three years and will identify and prioritise litter hotspots then facilitate activities including education, community engagement, media, surveys, clean ups, on ground works and enforcement.

Bellarine Bayside will work with the Litter Hotspots Program and its partners to identify and implement a range of community awareness and educational projects along the northern Bellarine aimed at reducing litter entering Corio and Port Phillip Bay.

This project was funded through the Victorian Government’s Cleaner Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay Litter Hotspots Program.


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