Help protect marine life

The Bellarine coastline is home to a wide variety of species of bird and marine life, including many rare and important breeds.

As visitors and guardians of the coast, it is our responsibility to ensure we protect and conserve this important natural habitat while still enjoying recreational time on the beach.

Unfortunately, occasional carelessness by beach-goers can leave dangerous debris that may threaten marine animals or birds. This could include plastic bags, litter and discarded fishing line or netting.

Marine debris is a significant Australian and global issue causing negative ecological, economic and social impacts. Marine debris such as plastics, and twine or cords causes death or damage to marine animals by entanglement.

In particular, fishing tools such as fish measuring gauges can cause severe injuries to marine birds.  Divers often tie these measurement gauges to their dive gear, which can become dislodged when caught on rocks while searching for abalone and lobsters. Marine birds can easily get entangled in the gauges when they are diving for fish.

When diving next please check to make sure your gear is secure to withstand the strong currents and hazards that may dislodge your measuring gauges.

As coastal managers, we take great pride in providing appealing and safe coastal environments for visitors – both people and animals – to enjoy. We ask that you help share this responsibility by making sure you don’t leave anything behind when you visit the coast.


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