A great event Sunday!


It was another glorious day on the Northern Bellarine for the seventy plus walkers who took part in the ‘Free Coastal Walk’, sponsored by Bellarine Bayside, Geelong Sustainability Group and Locomote.

A fine example of direct community engagement, the walk used local experts to relate historical aspects of coastal life, along with examples of how Bellarine Bayside is pro-actively dealing with environmental challenges.

The event also highlighted the partnership between the local Portarlington School, ‘Staying In Portarlington’ and Bellarine Bayside and the “Keep Calm and Don’t Litter” Program.

As part of the program special lined bags designed by the students have been distributed at local events including today’s walk.


The picture above shows outgoing board member Chair Vicki Perrett and Locomote President Monica Hayes enjoying a well-deserved congratulatory conversation at the BBQ.

Fortunately the walkers hardly got to use their bags with little, if any, litter on the foreshore.

Thanks to the organisers and the expert local voices, Peter Munster, Pat and Graham Harvey and Ken Durran who, along with lots of anecdotes from the walkers, took us back through history to other memorable times.