Come and see Corio Bay in a different way!


The EstuaryWatch Program is proud to announce an upcoming Estuaries Unmasked Night Seminar. The night will be held at the beautiful Royal Geelong Yacht Club on the shores of Corio Bay; the focus for the evening. Please see the attached flyer for full details > Geelong Estuaries Unmasked Night Seminar 24 March 2015.

Hear from two expert speakers on some fascinating topics:

The way it used to be…..Restoring Corio Bay’s shellfish reefs
Simon Branigan, Estuaries Conservation Coordinator for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) will outline TNC’s Great Southern Seascapes Program and the ground-breaking work they’re undertaking to restore native oyster reefs and mussel beds in Corio Bay.

When things go wrong….oil spill response for estuaries and bays
Jessica Miller, Senior Technical Officer & Marine Scientist from the Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre (AMOSC) will explain AMOSC’s work and give an insight into what happens when there is an oil spill in an estuary or bay, such as our very own Corio Bay.

Date: Tuesday March 24  6.30 to 8.30pm
Where: The Royal Geelong Yacht Club, 25 Eastern Beach Road, Geelong.
Food: Light supper provided
RSVP essential: Required by March 17.

Please call (03) 5232 9100 for enquiries and bookings.


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