Bellarine Bayside staff have recently completed works to re-establish the track that ran from Perrett Street along the bottom of the bluff at St Leonards.

This work was motivated by the community to re-establish the old track as an alternative to the walking track along the coastal trail at the top of the bluff.

The planting of some 2,000 assorted tree species last year will once again see the emergence of a coastal woodland along this part of the Northern Bellarine.

Sadly little of this habitat remains on our coastal fringe today and the works undertaken by Bellarine Bayside will see the establishment of this habitat back along our coast once more.

This can only enrich the coastal experience for residents and visitors alike, allowing walkers to appreciate the escarpment while leisurely strolling amongst the coastal woodland.

The Perrett Street track is a wonderful alternative to the coastal trail and we look forward to watching this woodland grow and develop over the coming years.


Members from the St Leonards Walking Group were keen to see and know about this new walking track and about the works undertaken over the last three years around St Leonards to conserve and enhance the coast’s native habitats.

The group regularly meets on Wednesdays at 9.00am at the St Leonards Community Centre and everyone is welcome to come, learn and enjoy about this part of the coast, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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