Indented Head Boat Ramp Jetty works

Improvement works were recently completed at the Indented Head Boat Ramp Jetty. A damaged whaler has been repaired and missing fenders replaced. The works also involved the repointing and replacement of damaged bluestones that are an integral element of the jetty formwork.

Bellarine Bayside maintains six boat ramps along the Northern Bellarine that are free for public use, including Point Richards, Portarlington, Steeles Rock, Grassy Point, Indented Head and St Leonards. These operations are funded by Bellarine Bayside to support the local and wider fishing communities.

Indented Boat Ramp repairs                        Jetty       

4 thoughts on “Indented Head Boat Ramp Jetty works

  1. How about ripping up that Indented Head concrete ramp and replace it with one that works. To launch a boat here, most vehicles must put their rear wheels into the water. This is because the ramp was poorly designed and the gradient of the ramp is not steep enough. I never use this ramp because of this critical problem. This must be fixed.


  2. Hi David. Thank you for your feedback. Bellarine Bayside is aware of the ramp gradient and access issues. We have engaged a Marine Engineering company to identify a range of access improvements required for this important local facility. We have funds available in our current budget to support a “Boating Facilities” grant application and, subject to this application being successful, we expect works would begin soon after Easter 2016.


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