UPDATE: Replacement of ageing cypress trees to improve park safety

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our survey or provided feedback via email and social media regarding the removal of the ageing cypress trees at Portarlington Holiday Park.

While we understand the affection many of you hold for the trees, safety must always be our first consideration. The trees do provide a serious risk to both campers and their property, and we cannot allow this risk to go unaddressed.  Click here to see the unedited survey report. The major results are outlined below.

Tree Removal
67.4% of respondents agreed that it was fairly to extremely reasonable to remove the trees.  Most respondents believed the dangers associated with the trees far outweighed the benefits of keeping them. Many of you had experienced first-hand the impact of branch breakage and were fully supportive of these works.

‘I love the shade but lives are worth more.’

We appreciate the disappointment felt by the 26.8% of you who do not support the removal of the trees. They have been part of Portarlington Holiday Park for many years and their removal has been a difficult decision for us to make. However the safety of our holiday park patrons and visitors is of the utmost importance.

Many of you have queried whether lopping only parts of the trees would make them safer, or if the less dangerous trees could be left standing rather than removing such a large number of trees. Unfortunately we cannot remove trees in isolation without increasing the risk of failure to the remaining trees. Thirteen low-risk trees will remain but the arborist report did recommend the removal of all high-risk trees at once. To carry out minor branch reduction works would not alleviate the risks, only postpone the inevitable removal of high-risk trees. Unfortunately all the identified cypress trees in this location are failing to varying degrees.

Proposed Landscaping Plan
Feedback on the proposed landscaping plan was again largely positive with 64.6% of respondents supporting the proposed plan, while 22.9% found it fairly to extremely unreasonable.

‘Fantastic to use Moonah and native plants as replacement of the cypress pines.’

‘A lot of trees is great but please plant established trees and not twigs.’

Many of you had fantastic feedback and suggestions about how to improve the plan including plant species and the plan footprint. We will discuss your ideas with our landscape architect and where viable we will amend the plan. It is important to note there are only limited species available that can tolerate the harsh conditions experienced in these locations.

Specific Questions
The survey prompted many of you to ask specific questions regarding future Bellarine Bayside works and other issues such as drainage. We have tried to answer these questions in our updated FAQ. Click here to see our answers on the new issues raised through the survey process.

The tree removal will begin in the week commencing 3rd August.

Again, a big thanks to all who took the time to provide feedback.



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