Celebrate Plovers on Sept 16

Logo 7 shaded eggs

Plover Appreciation Day – Wednesday 16th September 2015    

Many plover species here and overseas are highly threatened due to human recreation being extremely popular in their breeding habitat. These areas include the beach, shores of lakes and wetlands, and even open grasslands where their nests are highly camouflaged. Humans can have major detrimental impacts on the survival of eggs and chicks without even knowing it! Coexistence between people and plovers is dependent on awareness, understanding and sharing space with them.

Plover Appreciation Day is aimed at raising awareness of the plight of ground-nesting plovers around the world! In Australia the day will honour our beloved Hooded Plovers, Red-capped Plovers, Black-fronted Dotterels and Spur-winged Plovers. To join in the celebrations visit the Birdlife Australia website or download this fact sheet.

hooded plover

You can also follow the plight of hooded plovers on Instagram or Facebook.


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