SUMMER VENDORS 2015/16: Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest | 2015-2016 Holiday Season

Portarlington to St Leonards

Food Vendors  |  Holiday Activities  |  Sirens Boatshed

Summer vendors

Are you an experienced Food Vendor or an experienced Operator of Holiday Activity Programs?

We are interested in a diverse range of mobile food van offerings and activity programs which would be appealing to the 10,000 plus holiday-makers who come to Bellarine Bayside’s Caravan & Holiday Parks from Cup Day to Easter and stay on one of our 1,300 camp sites from Portarlington to St Leonards.

To optimise returns, successful applicants will be allocated operating areas/outlets for a set period of time, at fixed and/or mobile locations.

Interested?    Download an Information & Application form from 

Applications close Sunday 20th September.

For further enquiries email  or phone 5254 4006.


2 thoughts on “SUMMER VENDORS 2015/16: Expressions of Interest

  1. Hello,

    Just wanted to see if I can get more information about applying as a mobile food truck vendor for the 2015-2016 Holiday season. Thanks so much for your time. Hope you have a great day.


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