Caitlin plans vegetation management for Indented Head foreshore

Bellarine Bayside is presently mentoring Gordon TAFE student Caitlin McPherson. Caitlin is in her final year of a Diploma of Conservation Land Management, which requires her to assess and complete a vegetation management plan for part of the Indented Head foreshore. The management plan will focus on the control and eradication of weed species and includes site rehabilitation using native species. It will also identify community engagement, environmental and budgetary consideration over a five-year time frame.

  Caitlin talk

Caitlin recently gave a talk to her fellow Gordon TAFE students at the site about her management plan highlighting some of the issues to be considered. She discussed the impact of Marram Grass on the coast and how it can radically alter coastal processes by trapping more wind-blown sand than native species. This causes steep-faced dunes that are more prone to wave attack in contrast to the lower-angled foredunes associated with native vegetation. Of special mention were birds like plovers and pied oyster catchers that require broad,gently sloping shorelines to forage and nest.


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