Coastal trail realignment at Portarlington

Bellarine Bayside is continually aiming to improve public safety and user accessibility to the foreshore. With this in mind we have consulted with local residents and traffic engineers at the City of Greater Geelong to realign the coastal trail at Portarlington so that it no longer hugs the roadside. The revised plan includes moving the track 1.5 m off the road, widening the track to allow for shared use, installation of a post & wire fence to separate the track from the sand dune, and restoration of the dune vegetation with indigenous low grass species and removal of weeds.  A 1.5 m stretch between the track and road will also be planted with low grasses. These works are co-funded by Bellarine Bayside and the Victorian State Government’s Local Landscape Enhancement Grant Program. For further information on this or any other coastal foreshore projects email us at or phone us on 03 5254 4000.

To view a large pdf of the plan click here.

trail realignment 1 revised plan trail realignment 2


One thought on “Coastal trail realignment at Portarlington

  1. Excellent, this piece of trail definitely needs moving away from the road and this plan is consistent with the Northern Bellarine Coastal Management Plan. Good news.


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