New boating and swimming zones for the Bellarine

Parks Victoria will introduce new boating and swimming zones for the Bellarine Peninsula in January 2016. These zones will be clearly marked with new, easy to identify signs and aids to navigation that will be rolled out over summer. 

Indented_Head | St_Leonards | Portarlington_east | Portarlington_west

A simpler set of new zones will replace the previous zones. These are:

  • Boating Only – swimming is not permitted in this zone.
  • Swimming Only – all vessels, including personal watercraft, powered and non-powered vessels, are not permitted in this zone.
  • Shared Wind Sport Area – this zone provides an area for kite boarding, sail boarding and other wind based boating which may exceed 5 knots except within 50m proximity to other vessels and swimmers. Other vessels are permitted in this area.
  • 5 Knot Speed Limit – all vessels, applicable as a zone extending to 200m from shore. Swimming and boating are permitted within 200m of the shore subject to defined areas above. All vessels must adhere to the 5 knot speed limit in this zone.
  • In some areas with exceptional circumstances two pre-existing zones will be retained. These are:
    • No Wind Sports – sailboarding and kiteboarding is not permitted; and
    • No Personal Watercraft – personal watercraft (including jetskis) are prohibited in this zone.

speedboatThe term ‘vessel’ refers to all powered and unpowered boats and includes yachts, kite boards, personal water craft (including jetskis) and paddle craft, such as stand up paddleboards (SUP) and kayaks.

For further information and to keep updated of when the boating and swimming zones will be rolled out in your local area, please contact the Parks Victoria Information Centre on 13 1963 or email Alternatively you can visit the Parks Vic website or download the summary brochure here.


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