Indented Head Boat Ramp works to begin in August 2016

The Indented Head boat ramp works, announced by Member for Bellarine Lisa Neville in February, are due to commence in August 2016 and will be completed by Summer 2016.

Bellarine Bayside is currently seeking comments from the community on the draft plan to replace the existing boat ramp structure at Indented Head. The current concrete boat ramp is in a poor condition and will deteriorate further if it is not replaced.

The proposed works include:

  • A major safety improvement to the ramp slope. The current ramp slope is 1:16 which requires users to partly submerge their vehicles when launching and retrieving. The upgrade will steepen the ramp to 1:8 allowing vehicles with standard wheel clearance to remain out of the water.
  • An increase in the range of vehicles that can safely use the facility.
  • An improvement to the finished ramp surface with better vehicle traction.
  • A new concrete landing to improve pedestrian access on to the jetty and additional ladders.
  • An opportunity for two lanes to operate simultaneously and safely by widening the ramp by a metre.
  • A beach landing area is to be maintained on the northern side of the jetty.

The proposed improvements are focused on the boat ramp launch facility and will not impact on other boating infrastructure. At very low tides, boat launch and retrieval will remain limited to vessels with a small draught.

For further information on this project or to provide feedback on the draft plan, please contact Bellarine Bayside on 5254 4000 or Public consultation closes on Friday 29 April 2016 at 5pm.

Download the draft plan here.

draft plan image only

3 thoughts on “Indented Head Boat Ramp works to begin in August 2016

  1. Great initiative. Very pleased with the upgraded design with the alteration to ramp slope and width making it more user friendly


  2. Very pleased to see improvements as i use this ramp most of the time also great to see a fish cleaning station being put in ,I think parking could become an issue once the word gets out that this ramp has been upgraded though.


  3. Whilst the upgrade is very welcomed and much needed it comes at the expense of precious waiting area where boats lay up and wait for trailers to be parked or retrieved. Building a new ramp over the existing solves one problem but creates a much larger one, no lay up space. Once the ramp is upgraded it will be more popular and get more use but be less usable as there is nothing only a small pier and not everybody has a drive on trailer. The facility will be less usable. In addition to the ramp upgrade the pier needs to be extended otherwise you will just be replacing one problem with another.


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